Spring in Liebana


For many the most beautiful season in Liebana, I would not say so much, but if the most colorful for its landscape and its light.

Liebana's microclimate is especially noticeable in spring, it hardly rains and the sun shines every day, but don't forget to bring warm clothes, the afternoons are still almost winter. And if one day the rain catches you, do not worry…when you get home you can enjoy the warmth of a fireplace.

It is an ideal time to visit our towns and interact with our people, there is not too much influx and everyone is on the street preparing the orchards, flores…

If you plan to do routes through Picos de Europa, be prepared to enjoy the snow and try to find out before starting, there are snow routes that are difficult to access.

If you prefer scrubland we will tell you, there are tons of routes to do of any level of difficulty.


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